16 Enjoyable Issues to Do In Burlington Ontario (A Candy Day Journey from Toronto)

In search of enjoyable issues to do in Burlington Ontario? No worries, we bought you coated!
We now have household in Burlington, which you’d suppose rtp provides us a bonus from an area perspective, however the fact is, we’d go to our household, then head again to Toronto!

It wasn’t till we began exploring Burlington as an area we realized how superior this metropolis is. It’s nice to get off the freeway to discover whereas on a street journey, however it’s improbable not only for a day journey but in addition as a weekend getaway!

Burlington, Ontario, is a surprising metropolis between Toronto and Niagara Falls. It’s a culturally full of life metropolitan positioned on the northern seashores of Lake Ontario and is a straightforward day tour from bustling Toronto.

Burlington has ample family-friendly actions, quaint alleyways, stylish boutiques, and gastronomic delights. Additionally positioned in Halton Area subsequent door to Oakville, you may mix each cities for numerous Oakville and Burlington issues to do collectively. So with out additional ado, right here is the checklist of prime issues to do when visiting this enjoyable metropolis.

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Historical past of Burlington, Ontario

Burlington City is positioned on the head of Lake Ontario, 50 km west of Toronto. The city first served as a seashore resort and a fruit-growing middle till it later developed from the northeast of Toronto in 1950.

At the moment, Burlington has turn out to be a lakefront residential metropolis and is world-renowned for the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Attending to Burlington (from Toronto)


Burlington is subsequent to main highways connecting to the Larger Toronto Space, Kitchener/Waterloo, and the Niagara Area.

It’s simply accessible by street through the ON-403 freeway, and there are many public transportation choices, just like the VIA Rail and Go transit public transportation providers to Burlington. There are additionally loads of taxi firms, biking lanes, and Burlington Transit providers inside the metropolis too.


Furthermore, it’s inside 45 minutes of main worldwide airports: Hamilton, Kitchener/Waterloo, Buffalo, and Toronto Pearson.

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The Afternoon Earlier than Burlington Actions

Earlier than you head off to discover Burlington in a day, there are some things you’ll wish to do the afternoon earlier than your journey.

1. Cottage Nation Sweet Outlet (Scholtens Inc)

The very first thing you’ll wish to do earlier than your Burlington day journey is to top off on some goodies on the Cottage Nation Candies Outlet. Right here you’ll discover some mouth-watering delights, together with vegan-friendly sweetmeats, candies (and sugar-free ones), nuts and path mixes, sweets, and snacks.

What’s a day of actions and not using a handful of issues to nibble on?

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2. Royal Botanical Gardens

A 3-minute drive from the Scholtens Inc outlet lies the attractive, must-see gardens. The Royal Botanical Gardens isn’t just any backyard; it’s Canada’s largest garden and arguably one of many prime Burlington points of interest.

The beautiful landscapes are divided into sections and unfold throughout 900 hectares of land. It options 4 out of doors gardens, three eating places, a present store, and one greenhouse. Stroll across the picturesque gardens and uncover the world’s largest lilac assortment and over 1,000 plant and flower species.

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3. Pepperwood Bistro

As soon as it’s time for supper, there’s no higher place for a tasty meal than the Pepperwood Bistro. It’s an area scorching spot in Burlington, serving up to date bistro fare and their very own on-premise brewed beers served by the pint.

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Vacation Inn Burlington

Now that you simply’ve stocked up on snacks, stroll across the gorgeous gardens; it’s time to search out your lodging for the evening. The Vacation Inn Burlington has positioned close by common outlets, eating places, and points of interest. It contains a spa and pool; the rooms present flat-screen TVs, wifi, a bar, and extra.

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What to Do in Burlington 1-Day Itinerary

What to do in Burlington, Ontario – in a day? For starters, you’ll need breakfast at your chosen lodge. The Vacation Inn serves breakfast in your room with tea and low – what a win! As soon as that’s checked off your checklist, it’s time to dig into some Burlington, Canada, factors of curiosity across the metropolis.

Be aware: Take a look at my information on what to do in Burlington on a weekend getaway for a enjoyable and galvanizing journey.

4. Sunshine Doughnuts

Praise your day journey to town by sampling some delicate, buttery Sunshine Doughnuts in downtown Burlington’s coronary heart. These spherical balls of affection are handmade with contemporary dough and sugary goodness.

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5. Artwork Gallery of Burlington

Positioned within the coronary heart of town close to Spencer Smith Park and a 3-minute drive from Sunshine Doughnuts is the award-winning Artwork Gallery of Burlington – the seventh-largest public exhibit in Ontario. The gallery has over 1,000 items of artwork in a 4,100-square-meter house. 

One of many greatest points of interest is its assortment of up to date Canadian ceramics, the most important in Canada. It additionally boasts a stunning courtyard that hosts round 20 exhibitions yearly.

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6. Kelly’s Bake Shoppe

Kelly’s Bake Shoppe is a must-visit in case you have a candy tooth and wish to strive vegan baked items when visiting Burlington, Ontario. 

Positioned in downtown Burlington close to Metropolis Corridor, the bakery is residence to a few of the most decadent, scrumptious vegan cupcakes. Pattern some mouth-watering big cookie sandwiches, award-winning Mile-Excessive Brownies, and Nanaimo bars.


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7. Village Sq.

And whilst you’re in downtown Burlington, solely a 4-minute stroll from the bakery, catch a touch of European allure in Village Sq.. It’s residence to full of life farmer’s markets within the summertime and the North Coal Christmas market in wintertime.

Right here you’ll discover an array of outlets and eateries – particularly relating to Christmas time and the vacation season. Stroll alongside cobblestone alleyways and admire some historic structure hugging this small sq..

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8. Village Cigar Firm & Barbershop

Whether or not you’re a smoker or not, the Village Cigar Firm & Barbershop is a must-visit vacation spot. It’s residence to a 100-square-foot humidor, housing the best cigars within the metropolis. Find out about recognizing tastes and other people’s preferences, and make suggestions within the cigar world.

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9. The North Coal 

You’ll discover the North Coal a minute from the cigar and barbershop – and no, not the North Pole. And in the event you’ve come through the vacation season, don’t miss the Christmas Market. From scorching wings and popcorn mussels to delicate shell tacos and walnut-crusted salmon, it’s the right place to get pleasure from a scrumptious meal and store for items and attire.

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10. The Odd Spot 

When you’re within the space, take a stroll round The Odd Spot. Because the title suggests, you’ll come to a spot stuffed with enjoyable, odd, and thrilling issues, from Star Trek TV props to a Nineteen Seventies SuperCycle Classic bike and recycled clothes.

11. Nickel Brook Brewing

In case you get pleasure from an ice-cold beer draft at times, go to Nickel Brook Brewing Co and pattern a few of the greatest craft beer in Ontario. It’s a microbrewery positioned a brief trip from downtown Burlington and a mere 6-minute drive from the Joseph Brant Museum.

The brewery serves numerous beers, together with stouts, ales, IPAs, and bitter beers – all crafted onsite of their ‘Funk Lab.’ Furthermore, you should purchase different gadgets equivalent to attire, glassware, equipment, and tasting kits to take residence with you.


12. The Burlington Performing Arts Centre

From large-scale theatrical productions to one-person exhibits, the Burlington Performing Arts Centre (BPAC) is town’s music and theatre arts hub. Positioned close to the waterfront, the centre options an array of leisure choices.

The 720-seat most important stage has had performers from all around the world, whereas the 165-seat Group Studio Theatre has hosted a number of productions which have enthralled 1000’s of viewers. In case you’re on the lookout for a state-of-the-art leisure night, deal with your self to an unbelievable efficiency at BPAC.

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13. Spencer Smith Park

Talking of strolling, why not take a 6-minute stroll to Spencer Smith Park? House to Ribfest and the Burlington Beer Pageant (want we are saying extra), it’s the excellent spot for guests seeking to spend just a little time outside because it presents inexperienced house, a playground, fountains, sculptures and extra! For these on the lookout for one thing extra energetic, the paved Burlington waterfront path is right for runners, cyclists, and rollerblades.

The beautiful parkland boasts a number of pathways, a large promenade that hugs the lake, and benches dotted all through. Discover a spot on the expansive inexperienced lawns to loosen up and picnic, or take a stroll and benefit from the peaceable surroundings. And in the event you’re taking the household on a street journey, the park additionally has a youngsters’s playground and water jet space.

As well as, to Ribfest and the Burlington Beer Pageant, within the spring, it’s one of many premier locations in Ontario to watch cherry blossoms. In the course of the summer season, it’s in regards to the tremendous common Sound Of Music competition (extra particulars under). Within the winter, the Rotary Centennial Pond is reworked right into a public skating rink, and the Lakeside Pageant of Lights show presents a wide ranging view of varied Christmas lights.

Regardless of the season, Burlington has one thing for everybody to get pleasure from!

14. Brant Road Pier

The Brant Road Pier is a 2-minute drive from The Odd Spot. Positioned on the shoreline, an S-shaped pier stretches 137 meters over Lake Ontario. 

Strolling alongside the pier and up the round staircase to the elevated deck to find beautiful views. There you’ll get to soak within the panoramic views of the lake and the Burlington shoreline.

Be aware: The pier is open between 7 am and 11 pm, so you may benefit from the space within the morning, midday, or evening.

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15. Joseph Brant Museum

Alongside the lakefront, 3 minutes from the park, you’ll come to search out the Joseph Brant Museum. Stroll across the place and find out about Burlington’s founding, settlement, and improvement. The museum additionally options three galleries and hosts many travelling exhibitions.

Be aware: It opens from 10 am to 4 pm, Tuesdays to Saturdays.


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16. Spencer’s on the Waterfront

When you’ve labored up an urge for food and to finish off an thrilling day of actions in Burlington, head for dinner on the waterfront. You’ll discover Spencer’s on the Waterfront Restaurant on the west finish of Spencer Smith Park.

You’ll get to savour freshly grown produce from their farm and sustainably sourced seafood. It’s the right place to finish a fantastic day, having fun with delectable meals with a spectacular view.

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A Footnote on Enjoyable Actions Burlington for a Day

The Sound of Music

One of many many causes Burlington is considered one of Canada’s most beloved cities is the abundance of cultural occasions and festivals. And considered one of Canada’s largest annual music festivals, the Sound of Music Pageant, will not be one to overlook.

It’s been held each June for the reason that Nineteen Eighties and showcases many native artists and performers celebrating Father’s Day weekend in Spencer Park.

One factor is for certain – town of Burlington manages to captivate its guests year-round.


Whether or not you wish to get pleasure from a pleasing stroll alongside the waterfront promenade, pattern some delectable vegan cookies, or go to Canada’s largest botanical gardens, Burlington has you coated.

So there you may have it, the highest points of interest and issues to do round Burlington inside a day. In case you’ve visited this metropolis, what’s your favorite factor to do and see right here? Please share; I’d like to know!

Burlington Seashore

When the climate will get too scorching, and the air is just too humid, Burlington Seashore is a superb place to chill off or solar tan. Often known as The Beachway, it covers 6.8 acres of park house and has two kilometres of paved strolling trails linked to Spencer Smith Park. As well as, Burlington Seashore has one of many greatest baymouth bars in Ontario, the one dune habitat in Halton and residential to uncommon vegetation equivalent to seaside spurge and sand dropseed.

It’s particularly common on weekends, and between 8:00 am and eight:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, parking charges are in impact at $2.50 per hour or a flat fee of $20.

Mount Nemo Conservation Space

In case you’re on the lookout for tranquillity, the Mount Nemo Conservation Space is simply exterior of Burlington. Positioned quarter-hour from Burlington’s downtown, the park showcases 5 kilometres of trails with spectacular views, trying so far as Toronto (on a transparent day).

Nature lovers flock to Mount Nemo for its outstanding escarpment-edge ecosystem and astounding biodiversity. Every thing from observing turkey vultures in flight and distinctive vegetation to attention-grabbing insect and animal species.

Please notice that reservations are required, which you’ll discover HERE

Locations To Go to Close to Burlington

As we talked about, Burlington has so many issues on supply that it may be a weekend getaway in its personal proper, particularly when mixed with different cities inside the Halton Area.

Crawford Lake Conservation – Out in the Milton space, you may discover the historical past of Indigenous peoples at Crawford Lake Conservation Space, residence to 11 Longhouses. Spend time understanding their traditions, artwork, and tradition.

Bronte Creek Provincial Park – North of Oakville, close to the border of Oakville and Burlington, is Bronte Creek, which presents a variety of actions everybody can get pleasure from, from mountaineering and biking to taking part in disc golf and swimming in its massive out of doors water park.

Eire Home Museum – The Eire Home Museum is a improbable strategy to mix historical past with enjoyable actions. Right here, you’ll discover unique artifacts from the unique settlers of the realm, which have been donated by the descendants of the Eire household.